Jul 31, 2004

Oh God. I have become of of THEM.

Oh the pain! Oh the pain!

Nah, seriously, welcome to my "blog". Stupid freaking word, but apparently it's part of the Oxford Dictionary now. Or something. Anyhoo, it's essentially a web journal, online diary, you know the thing. They're all the rage and I've been dreading getting one. Don't take this personally, web-journal-diarists, but you're all a pack of silly buggers. I hate the thought of crapping on and on about my life online. And in the ultimate irony, I've gone and got one.

The reason is simple (and valid!). I'm going O/S in August, and wanted to have somewhere to write down my adventures for friends/family to read. Beats sending freakin' emails. I did have a diaryland diary for my last trip - three months in 2003 - but I stopped using it somewhere around Rome (Two weeks before the end of the trip) and now it appears to have disappeared into the internet ether.

I have a lot of friends who use Live Journal (www.livejournal.com) for their online diaries. I could have done that, but bugger it. Think outside the box!

Finally the reason for the name "Girl Clumsy". It is a moniker my boyfriend Greg gave me on our last trip in 2003. I discovered on that trip that I was NOT in fact the dainty, elegant person I thought I was, but rather an elephant in a china shop. Everywhere we went I tripped over, fell over, ran into things, had things run into me, bruised skin, bunged limbs, hurt ankles and damaged a lot of pride. Everytime I did, Greg would yell out "Girl Clumsy!", as if I was some kind of crap superhero (like Halle Berry's Catwoman - meow!). Finding a name to call these online diary things is about as easier as finding the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre. But luckily (or maybe not) Girl Clumsy wasn't taken.

Wow. Look at all my crapping on. I'll finish now. See you next time! Natalie.


  1. Hey wow! I can ever make comments on my own site! Fabulous! Obviously other people can too! Write to me! Lavish me with attention! Please! ;)


  2. Hey, I wrote a comment earlier and I don't think it worked! What's going on?

  3. OK, don't panic, it's just me. Those comments obviously did work. Keep in mind if you're commenting that you don't have to have a "blog". Jut press the "Or post anonymously" button.

    Cheers! Nat.

  4. Greg, come home. All is forgiven.


  5. Hey, my first comment - and it's kind of spooky! Who is that?

    Cheers, Nat.

  6. Don't go to Hungary. It's full of magyars and witches.
    Ever heard of Magwitch!