Aug 2, 2004

3CCD'd up and ready to roll!

I'm SO excited. Today I spent a fairly consequential amount of money on a video camera! Eeee, heee! Cackle. It's terrifying to think of the money seeping away from my beloved accounts but hey, upstairs there's a tiny little camera relying on me to bring it to life and help it achieve the purpose it was created for - namely, filming drunk people singing karaoke and dogs biting men in the crotch. In this way, I hope to recoup the cost by winning Australia's Funniest Home Videos. ;)

Its main purpose is for the upcoming trip, which I am calling "Jaunt 04" at the moment. The name could change. But the camera will hopefully be a great asset, in terms of filming Simon Schama impersonations around Stonehenge, etc.

It's a digital 3CCD Panasonic. Quite basic but lovely. I got it for a good price, and I can claim the dreaded GST back when we go through Customs. Yay!

I'm off to go have a tinker. With the camera that is - oooh er guv'na! Nat.

P.S. I also found how to edit posts. Which means I can go back and correct incorrect spelling! Huzzah!

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