Sep 30, 2004

Budapest and golf buggies!

Hey all,

I'm sitting with mad Scottish Julie in an internet cafe near our hostel in beautiful downtown Budapest. The keyboard types like an Aussie/English one, but the letters are all in different places! it really makes you touch type properly!

Well, Budapest is great...and my net time is running out! Crap!

Just say we're OK physically...but cash wise not so good. Somehow I miscalculated and am 500 Aussie dollars in debt on my credit card, as opposed to being up about 300 bucks, which is what I thought. It means no more souvenirs for me!

Love nats


  1. But what was Budapest like? Stop spending and let us know your movements from London- take care Love I M S

  2. Grrrr!

    I couldn;t write about budapest because my net time ran out!

    We are back in London, and will try and see some stuff tomorrow before we go sunday.

    by the way I have been very restrained re money! it all goes on food and accommodation, which you can;t avoid!

    See you soon, natalie