Oct 4, 2004

A Changi is as good as a Holiday

Well, maybe not. But here we are again, at the free internet terminals in Singapore's Changi airport. We will be home in about another 10 hours - early Tuesday morning Brissie time.

Just a brief note back to Budapest - I should just tell you what we did on our last few days.

Thursday we went on a bike tour of the city. I have to say I was the world's biggest wuss and terrifed the whole time. It didn't start well because our guide was a heavily tattooed and pierced Canadian, who apparently previously worked in porn movies. Strange world. He had tattoos saying "Defiance" and 'Sedition' down his forearms, and a piece of barbed wire in his lip. Still he knew his stuff about the city.

The problem was he rode so fast, and everyone else rode fast to catch up. I haven't ridden a bike since our LAST trip overseas so I was nervous and slow. Consequesntly I lost the group several times, fell over bruising myself and actually ran into an angry Budapest lady.

Hang on....net time over..have to go again!


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