Apr 6, 2005

Clouds and stuff

Yay! There are clouds outside and it was raining this morning. Plus the forecast says there's going to be rain until Friday. I love rain, and we haven't had enough of it this summer. Not even any big storms like we usually get in Briz Vegas-town.

Hmmmm...what to say, what to say. I have a contract for my new job that I have to sign and hand in, etc etc. I haven't had a chance to properly read through all the fine print, so I will complete that today. The most important thing to note is the phenomenally SMALL amount of money I will be getting paid. It's because the position is for a grade 2 journalist. I consider myself a grade 3, but I can't do much about it - except look elsewhere for work, or ask for a performance review after 6 months or something.

Note to self: don't become a journalist. The hours are shit and the pay is shit. ;)


The only bright side is because it's an award rate (as opposed to Austereo which was contract), I will get extras here and there for early starts/late finishes/travel etc. As I look like doing a fair few of those type of shifts that will hopefully boost my wage a bit. Which is nice.

I'm finding it a bit hard to re-adjust to the full time working life. Of course, it's made harder by the fact that my week is not Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. That would be amazing. In fact, a meal break would be amazing. ;)

Currently my roster is Monday and Tuesday nights, Wednesday and Thursday off, Friday day, Saturday and Sunday breakfasts. So there's a real variation in shifts, which is good experience wise, but it does make it harder to get into a routine. Especially since in a couple of weeks that roster will change and I'll be doing something else.

Anyway, I shouldn't be whinging - I'm happy to have my job as it will be good experience and a good stepping stone. But it's really all I could write about as it's all I've been doing. ;)

I wrote a whole lot more but have replaced it...because I sound boring. I'll have to do something much more interesting to write about.

Anyway, cheers for now, Natalie.

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