Apr 28, 2005

An orgasmic sigh at the impending wonderment of "North and South"

Gasp...sigh....flutter, flutter.

"North and South" is coming to the ABC. That's right - it's the BBC's latest 4-part dramatic costume adaptation! Hoorah!

This is my favourite, FAVOURITE book ever. It's by Elizabeth Gaskell. Published in the 1850s, it's a romance (buildingsroman), but with an Industrial Revolution edge. And it's just WONDERFUL.

Essentially, I am in love with both the hero and heroine - the delectable, passionate and so-broody-he-rivals-Mr-Darcy John Thornton and the spirited, regal and socially aware Margaret Hale.

The only thing about it is that after first reading the book during one of my uni literature courses, I decided I should adapt it into a BBC drama. After buying a copy in London last year, I reaffirmed my desire to adapt it, but thought - you know, the BBC are probably going to do it one day. And they have! So while I'm happy it's coming soon to a TV near me, I am disappointed I couldn't make my name and fortune by doing my own version.

I've checked out the BBC's website - and there seems to be a lot of good reviews about it. Richard Armitage (ex of Cold Feet) is playing Mr Thornton and he looks nice and broody. So much controlled exterior that hints of the burning passion underneath! Sigh.

It's funny because I usually and truly do hate "romancy"things. For example, I found "Love Actually" EXTRAORDINARILY cheesy and deliberately pulling-on-the-heartstrings schmaltzy. I don't like overtly public displays of affection and the idea of going round shouting love, love, love from the rooftops leaves me cold. But I think that's why I like things like "Pride and Prejudice" etc - because the passion is fiery, but restrained. Very British, you might say. ;)

Anyway, look how much I've crapped on yet again after promising to myself I'd be brief. Cripes it's after 3am. These late night shifts are really screwing with my Circadian rhythms.

Have a good week all, Natalie.

P.S. I've decided I HATE the good ship Live Journal, and all the posters (posers?) who sail on her. ;)


  1. maintain the rage!

    the fiend
    avoiding the obvious joke, this time.

  2. > I've decided I HATE the good ship Live Journal, and all the posters (posers?) who sail on her.


  3. Essentially I have no life and the whole live journal cutesy friends network thing just shits me.

    Everyone's all very cool and hip and supportive and politically and socially savvy. With so-totally-cool screen names and pictures. What happened to the HATE? HATE!

    Perhaps I've spent too much time with the Wah. ;)