Jul 6, 2005

The laughing disease strikes

Hey ho everyone.

My mum's going into hospital on Thursday to have an operation. She's got early stage bowel cancer. It's been a bit of a shock, but not too bad.

She had the colonoscopy in the first place because two of her sisters and one of her brothers ALL had similar things. One of her sisters had to have chemo - but she's now been given the all clear. Doctors were able to remove all the cancer from her brother's bowel, so he luckily avoids chemo. Her other sister in Ireland is still being diagnosed etc - but it seems she will also be having an operation.

So because it seems there's a family history - and because they thankfully caught Mum's cancer early - I haven't yet collapsed into a blubbering mess. ;)

And it looks like I will be next up for the "Big Brother: Natalie's Bowel Eviction Special" - Mum's surgeon has recommended my brother and I both start getting colonoscopies. My friend Carly also has a family history, and she's suggested we have a girly day out getting our "bumscopes"together. ;)

So if anybody actually reads this page, and has a family history of bowel cancer, think about having a check-up.

If you're in Brisbane, you can check out www.qldcancer.com.au

Cheers to all, Natalie.

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