Aug 2, 2005

It's been a long time...

Hey all.

I haven't posted here for ages. Reason one, because I couldn't be bothered; and reason two, because let's face it, nobody reads this thing, it's merely an outlet for my interminable rage.

Anyway. I'm at work this morning, waiting for a few interviewees to phone in, so I thought I'd say hi (to myself). Also, it's the first day of spring, so I might as well give a quarterly update.

Well, stuff's been happening. Let's see.

***"Interesting Times" rehearsals are going well. We've had a couple of cast changes, but fortunately that all seems to be sorted with still a month of rehearsals to go. Greg is a talented director (although maybe a bit TOO keen to play with all the very real swords), and keen about the show, but unfortunately is being plagued by symptoms of ill health, which is making me worry.

***Work. It's going well, although due to poor Gail busting an ear drum, I'm now doing seven breakfast shifts in a row. All I can say to that is a very Keanu Reeves-esque, "Woah". My reviews are also continuing - I did "Measure for Measure" yesterday and wound up quoting Lady Macbeth on air. Listened back to it and of course I sounded like a twat. I'd really love to play that role one day, but I doubt any directors listening will be hastening to give me a call.

***Adventures in real estate. Oh yeah. I tried to buy a house. That was fun. It was a really REALLY nice townhouse in Red Hill. I got finance and went to the auction and bid and everything. That was a nerve-racking but exciting process. Anyway, to cut a long and involved story short, the house is still on the market, because the owners have decided they want $465 ooo for it. I mean, WHAT THE??? As a guide, I was the highest bidder at auction on $400K. They had to bid themselves before it got passed in at $410K. The real estate agent tells me they're determined to get more money, and have even rejected a $440K offer. So now there are no more offers on the table - everybody's walked! Personally I think the sellers are just nuts. I can understand wanting more money - particularly because they bought it during the boom for $360K, but really, the market has dropped off, and that's a hellava jump.

***Hurricane Katrina. Yet more proof the only thing that can rumble the States is Mother Nature. Harsh but true.

***Impro. Haven't been doing much of it lately, and I kinda miss it. I still wonder on the odd occasion why Brad and Louise don't ask me to do Edge Improv shows anymore. It's their prerogative of course, and I think their inclusion of Colin (who hates Greg's guts for a stupid reason and consequently hates my guts - I don't even know why) would probably preclude me. There's also the fact thay hey! I'm probably just a crap improviser. I certainly haven't had much practice in recent months. The Impro Mafia team seem reasonably happy to have me play, but late shifts at work and now rehearsals are pretty much putting the kybosh on that. It makes me more keen to do something different and new with non-regulars. Grab a bunch of actor-types and go nuts.

All right, now I've just been left in charge of the newsroom and my computer's crashed. Gotta go!


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