Aug 21, 2006

Go go Genghis

Sain bainu, everyone!

That's hello in Mongolian - I'm still trying to master 'thank you', my pronunciation of which leaves all the locals laughing.

The Mongolian capital Ulaan-Baatar is surprisingly modera/liberal town - full of Soviet era architecture next to the traditional white "ger" huts. Today we're heading off to a ger camp to sleep in them for a few days - get the lay of the land, do some hiking, ride a horse, drink some fermented mare's milk, and so on.

Mongolia is a peculiar but charming mix of Russia and China - but as we've found out, they're a very proud people (you would be too if your greated ever hero conquered the world's biggest empire), so don't call them Chinese!

Train travel is a nice change to planes - athough sleeping in beds meant for shorter Asian people is leaving various parts of my body numb (arms and legs, that is!)

Gotta run - everything is going nicely except for this head cold I can't shake!

Talk soon, Natalie.


  1. Hey Ms Natalie,
    I have to say that i only started reading your posts yesterday when i rediscovered your card on my desk. Not suprisingly, i adore them. It's kinda like reading your work emails (without the false accusuations of drink-stealing), but with a delightful international twist. Despite my vegeatarian ways, i do hope that you eat some testicles whilst you are in Mongolia ala 'Long Way Round'. Make Ewan McGregor and me proud!! I look foward to hearing more of your reports on 4BC!
    X Danielle

  2. Hello Bert

    Greeting from Vanuatu-the friendliest country in the world. Have cleaned up Queen Pats mess on the computer so that we can find out where you are. Enjoy the mares milk...put some Milo in it