Aug 3, 2006

Ups & downs, bits & pieces

  • Only 6 days to go. Eek! Still so much stuff to do, so many people to see. I'm also very, very tired - working late night, not sleeping as much as I should. Consquently it's Nat on the Edge at the moment - the tears could flow at any time!
  • Travel documents are ready to be picked up; along with visas and passports. We're good to go on that front. But there's a couple of flights still to be booked online.
  • Budgeting is going well - with the teensy weensy exception of a $2800 tax bill that I have to pay by the end of October. Grrr. At least after next year I should stop getting these big bills - thanks to home ownership. Maybe one day I'll even get a tax refund!
  • eBay officially rocks. I sold my camera for $222, my massage mat for $91, the Bond games for $41 and $11 apiece, and one of the handbags for $8.50. The other bag didn't sell, but all in all, I think it was a great first experience with the auction site. I posted everything off today, so at least that's one thing ticked off the must-do list.
  • Something else that rocks is audioblogging - hence the last post. You can expect more of that from overseas. It's so simple and clever.
  • Greg has begun packing up his flat - I helped a bit on Tuesday but am working now so he's on his own. He's also started something he always swore he'd never do. That's right, he's come over to the Dark Side.

The absolute best news of the week is that it appears (touch wood) I am to be 4BC's "foreign correspondent" of sorts - providing voice reports three times a week to programs! I'm so excited by this prospect - but also scared that I won't be contactable, or my phone will cut out, or I'll be dead boring, that people won't want to listen to me....the usual paranoia that runs through my head!

Cheers to you all, Natalie.

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