Sep 25, 2006


Hey all,

Just a very quick post from the gorgeous island of Santorini...

Our time in Ios was fantastic - there was much partying and fun our first night, including some fabbo dancing by the Wah and yours truly. I think the fiend would be especially proud of the way we got down (or is that up?) to House of Pain's "Jump Around". Yeah, we got more rhymes than the Bible got psalms, baby.

Saturday we flew on the "flying banana", a giant inflatable yellow raft that gets towed behind a speedboat and at various points rises into the air. Scary, but fun. Much lazing about was had after that, including a swim in the gorgeous pool at our fabulous (and cheap!) accommodation.

Saturday night wasn't PLANNED as a big one....but it got rather interesting. After a yummy dinner a few of us split off from the group to try a different bar. Of course, once there, the heavens opened and Ios was treated to a MASSIVE electrical storm. Apparently they get less rain than south-east Queensland so it was a bit of occasion.The town, built on a hill, turned into a series of rivers. Greg and I ended up running through the downpour to get to the "Fun Bar", where all our comrades were. We stopped halfway to rest and roll up our jeans. We took off again, only to have the town's power switch off about 100m from the bar. We were absolutely DRENCHED by the end! The bar was lit up with candles, and we ended up staying for a couple of hours until the storm passed over the island and the rain stopped. The clear sky meant we could stagger home (luckily downhill!), as there were no taxis running. Now THAT was an experience. Trudging home in pitch black, save only for bursts of lightning in the distance, still wet.

Returning to the Far Out Village, however, brought more problems - they had NO power, and had suffered the wrath of a TORNADO! The wind came high and fast at that particular spot, and uprooted trees, boats, and beach sunbeds and umbrellas. The camping side of the resort suffered most - there were broken roofs, flooded rooms...the devastation on waking up the next day was amazing!

So we survived the Great Flood of Ios 2006 - all I wanted when we got safely back into our room was a warm shower. Of course, we had no hot water. In fact, we had no water at all! But the bed was dry and by goodness did I sleep. ;)

We arrived this afternoon by ferry into Santorini - it's a pity we won't have more time here as it's gorgeous, with the white houses perched up the sides and on the top of cliffs. However, it is Greg's birthday tomorrow, which we'll spend on a tour of the "volcano island" off the main town.

I probably won't get a chance to blog for a while, as we've decided to leave Athens as soon as we get back and head to Delphi and Meteora. Take care of yourselves!

Cheers, Natalie.

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  1. Happy Birthday Greg - glad to hear you both survived the great downpour in Ios I & M