Sep 18, 2006

We apologise for this break in transmission....

That is the most frustrating thing about internet cafes - you can lose track of time, and not understand the tiem warnings even if you get them. I had spent half an hour on the net in Berlin typing up our adventures in Estonia and Latvia, and then just as I was finishing, my time ran out and the computer shut down before I could hit "Publish Post". Bam, up in smoke. I was not a happy camper at that point.

So I hope people could understand the audio blogs - I know the quality isn't 100%, but hey, it's on-the-spot and in-the-moment stuff!

Unfortunately I don't have time to write about Estonia and Latvia just yet - save to say they are fabulous little countries coming into their own. I recommend Tallinn and Riga to everyone. Just try to avoid the stag parties. Many travellers are just there for the cheap booze and lovely women, but seriously, there's some cool stuff to do and see that doesn't involve beer and stripping (it's just a bit harder to find!).

Our brief stop-off in Berlin was fantastic - we did a 4-hour bike tour along the route of the former Wall, which was both informative and fun (due to Berlin being flat, without any of those bothersome hills that make bike-riding such a bitch). It was great to see the city again, with much the same, but other parts changing (we last visited in May 2003). And I'm glad I wasn't there during the World Cup. It would have been a great atmosphere, but completely crazy! Anyway,I got to see the Alexanderplatz TV tower ball painted up as a soccer ball, and you heard the oompah band for yourselves!

So Greg and I now find ourselves in beautiful sunny Athens, capital of Greece and birthplace of democracy. We begin our Greek Island tour tomorrow, and because we packed in preparation of a Northern Hemisphere winter, we are totally unprepared for baking hot days on beaches and doing watersports (apparently there is more on the itinerary, we just have to read the fine print). Greg is even considering ripping up a pair of jeans to make them shorts - they have a massive tear in the lower leg anyway so it wouldn't be too much!

Gotta run - Yassou! Natalie.


  1. Think about doing what I do which is to buy a USB key and write your posts in a text file you keep on the key and save regularly (say whenever you finish a paragraph). This way even if the computer closes it's saved on your USB key and you can just plug it in after turning the machine back on or in the next cafe.

  2. Hope the tatty jean look goes down well in the islands. I & M

  3. Hey noonoo

    How do you like Greece so far and then .... ??? next stop

    Still waiting for a postcard AND I HOPE IT COMES VERY SOON..

    a friend of ours is Greek

    yesterday we went to DREAMWORLd and went on the goldmine,wipeout and was REALLY scary!

  4. Don't forget to get a photo or two of the Amplemanchen or the Amplemann traffic light ..

  5. Hey all,

    Thanks for your comments! And thanks for reading!

    Amaya: Greg does have his USB key with him, but not on him, and for us normally blogging is a spur-of-the-moment "Hey here's a net cafe!" type of thing.We really should get more organised. Am seriously considering the laptop for next time though! Hope you're feeling groovy again too. ;)

    Tiff & Amber: Can you guys please send me your home address? I would have sent you a postcard except I don't have it! Ask Uncle Marcus to email it to me if you like. Love and kisses.

    Huggies: I didn't get any photos of Ampelman, but I did go crazy in the Ampelman store and bought a little Ampelman vase! It's very cute. I wanted to spend more time but Greg hustled me out. Some nonsense about "getting to the airport on time". Pshaw. Nice excuse. ;)

  6. Hi Nats,
    I am reading but slowly. Am a little behind...actually I have just finished Hong Kong. Have a full weekend planed of just reading you blogg though!!