Nov 9, 2006

Floods and Food Poisoning!

Ah, it's one of the joys of modern travel that you can be just about anywhere and find an internet cafe. Or at the very least, a net connection. I'm currently sitting in what looks kind of like a library room, in a house in the village below Todra Gorge, one of Morocco's famous natural landmarks. And lo, here is the internet! Moroccans have actually really take to the web, so it's probably not that surprising!

We began our trip in Ouarzazate, a 4.5 hour bus ride east of Marrakech through some spectacular scenery courtesy of the High Atlas Mountains. I was a bit nervous on some of the precarious roads, especially as the bus driver seemed to be chatting on his mobile most of the time. But true professional as he was, he got us into town alive and washed Tuesday we headed east again towards Todra Gorge. Heavy rains in the region has made life pretty interesting, with many roads and bridges washed away by floods. We actually spent two hours at the side of one low bridge, waiting for the flooded 40 or 50 metre stretch to drop down. Luckily there was a small cafe on our side, and I was able to grab some cookies for sustenance!

We eventually got across, but flooding up here around Todra meant we had to stay in the nearby village of Teneghir instead. We had a lovely paella supper, but unfortunately Greg's vego oner didn't agree with him and he wound up with a bout of food poisioning! However he was well enough to get on our small truck to come up to Todra this morning, and he's sleeping it off now. There's actually not much else to do here at the moment: the Gorge is spectacular but due to continuing rain quite dangerous to climb. I've settled instead for a walk through the village.

It's been fun trying to chat to locals in French - so many of our fellow travellers are multi-lingual though that it makes me feel terribly ashamed!

Better go now as the rain is still pouring and I have to trek back up to our hotel for dinner.

Cheers all, Natalie.


  1. heavy rains and food poisoning - it all sounds terribly familiar!!... hmm....

    i assume the g-man hasnt managed to find a one euro gyros anywhere in morocco??


  2. Hi mixmaster,

    Sadly no gyros yet, but greg has been filling up on vege tagines for as little as 3 euros!

    Still keen to get to Liverpool in December....keep a bed free for us!