Dec 18, 2006

It was in the stars...

My horoscope for yesterday, December 17...

"You will begin your morning cold and confused as you wait at Krakow's city bus station for a 6:30am Wizz Air transfer shuttle bus that never arrives. However, you will be rescued from forking out $150 for a cab fare when it turns out the transfer service changed your booking to a 7:30am bus without telling you. Your transfer and subsequent flight to Rome will go smoothly, until you misinterpret your own handwriting and get lost trying to find your hotel. Eventually, however, Italian Vodafone will work, and a nice Italian man named Renato will come to your rescue in a green Jaguar, and show you around your lovely apartment - complete with dual internet/TV connection."

Astonishing how accurate these things can be sometimes, isn't it?

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