Feb 14, 2007


My friends, it's been too long. Stuff has been happening in the ol' Land O'Nat, but I've been waiting for some motivation to write to kick in before plastering my thoughts all over the interwebby once more. That same mental blockage is also hampering my attempts to update my movie review page - I really must take a long drink of creative Metamucil to really get things flowing again (possibly the wrong choice of metaphor there, but I'm sure you get the picture).

But let me start by listing a few recent points of interest.

Wedding belles. Last weekend I tripped up to the lovely Daydream Island, for the nuptials of my dear friend Jacqueline (or "Jax" as we call her) to her English beau Ben. The couple have the cutest kid this side of the Jolie-Pitt family, and young Harrison was on hand to be the page-boy at their charming sunset ceremony in a chapel overlooking the sea. Everyone had a great time, and looked fabulous - as you can see in my pictures, including this one:

Yours truly, Briony, Carly, Jax, Clare, Alisha & Debbi
These are "the girls", and although we have our scrapes from time to time, I love 'em all really. ;) Thanks Jax & Ben for inviting me - I know you'll have the Best. Marriage. Ever.
Working girl. I've been back at 4BC for a few weeks now working casually, and I've been enjoying myself immensely. I've jumped back into the movie-reviewing lark, and have seen about 7 films in the past couple of weeks. Hence the difficulty of getting all my thoughts on paper for the aforementioned review site.
Breaking the Girl. Well, breaking the boy really. The one and only Wah was shocked to learn his bones were not actually made of adamantium, when he went arse-over-handlebars on his bike and fractured his elbow. He does however possess something of Wolverine's mutant healing ability in that he RODE HOME with only slight pain, and it wasn't until two hours after the crash did he phone me saying "I think I've broken my arm - will you take me to hospital?". We'll find out soon how long he'll have to remain in a cast/sling.
Homegirl. Life in an inner-city apartment is even better than it looked like in "Sex and the City". (Except for the shoes... I really need to get a lot more shoes). We still have very little furniture, and we still have a garbage sorting area instead of a living room, but the location is great, the street is surprisingly quiet at night, and I love my kitchen. But that's about as domestic as I get. There's a lot of clothes-washing that needs to be done, let me tell you.
Well, that should be enough for now. I plan to write more in this blog, but I'd like to write more interesting things than "Today I got up and went to work"-style posts.
Anyone got any suggestions for starters?

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