Feb 23, 2007

On the Box

I have been reliably informed by several people who've seen the promo ads that I will be on the telly tonight.

I did an interview with Today Tonight about a month ago for a segment they were doing on scratchie winners. I thought I must have missed its air date - but apparently not, they've just been holding it because it's obviously such a hot story. Ahem.

With the whole "elderly lady in chains conveniently supplied by the TT reporter" fiasco, it's probably not the best week to be featured on tabloid current affairs TV. But oh well.

6:30pm Friday 23 February
Channel 7

Look for the chick with the big hair, and a lack of proper grooming.

1 comment:

  1. u should be proud of yourself for getting on TV - and for something constructive. (granted most people from Liverpool do get on TV at somepoint, although CrimeWatch can hardly be called an achievement).

    one small step for natalie, one giant leap towards youtube...