Jun 18, 2007

You Are Not Alone...


I'm still getting over last night's episode of Doctor Who, "Utopia".

Oh, but it was good. So good. Marvellous, in fact. Abso-bloody-lutely marvellous. Awesome. Spectacular. Delicious.

(Yes, I have been looking up the thesaurus, thanks for asking)

I love Derek Jacobi far too much. He rocks my world. And as for John Simm... so good. David Tennant and Frema Ageyman, fabulous as usual. The Doctor - so cold! So nasty! Martha - so warm! So friendly! And as for Captain Jack - welcome back, Mr Barrowman. We've missed your innuendo. In YOUR endo, if you get my drift.

I don't really want to say too much more, in case I spoil it for anyone. Still, I don't think knowing the story can take away too much from the actual viewing - the episode is executedly so expertly, with such suberb acting and great plotting, that it will no doubt leave you breathless, no matter how much you know beforehand.

As much as I love Doctor Who myself (and I really do), there's nothing quite like the special kind of joy it inspires in Greg. His emotional rollercoaster ride is something to watch. ;)

The only problem is now we've got to wait TWO weeks to watch the final two episodes. We agreed to this as Luke is off on a school ski trip, and the fiend and I will be busy with the Briz Improv Fest next Sunday night (which you should all come to, by the way). So the first of July is going to be a BIG night. A HUGE night.

Vote Saxon!

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