Nov 5, 2007

Destination: City of Churches

I have some terribly exciting news, so please everyone kick back, take a load off and crack open a beer while I indulge in a fairly indulgent self-congratulatory ego-boost.

A few posts back, I put up links to the YHA's Backpacker Essentials site; the online version of the organisation's quarterly magazine. I highly recommend people check it out, as it was the first magazine to publish me. ;) An article I wrote on the Trans-Mongolian Railway was published in the July issue, and I just had stories on Krakow and Auschwitz-Birkenau published in the November issue.

Last Friday, the editor emailed me and asked -

....get this...

.... no seriously, this is awesome -

... if I wanted to go to South Australia on a four-day all-expenses paid trip to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island, in anticipation of writing a feature on said destinations!


The catch was the trip is next week, and I had to quickly arrange some time off work, but bless his soul, my boss agreed, so now it is all official: I, Girl Clumsy - ne'er-do-well and expert procrastinator - amgoing on a travel writing expedition! As far as I can tell, there'll be three other journos along for the ride. We'll spend two night savouring the fine city of Adelaide, before heading out for the wilds of Kangaroo Island (where ironically I believe the dominant marsupial these days is the koala, thanks to no natural enemy and viagra in the eucalypts).

I'm so excited - this makes me feel like I might have more credibility in describing myself as a "burgeoning travel writer". Hooray!

Now this makes the lap top decision even more pressing - I just feel like I need to be one of those annoying people who works on their screenplay during the flight!


  1. Nat, that's awesome!!!!

    *champagne cork popping...or was that my uterus?*

    Seriously, fantastic stuff - go get em girly! It's all gonna be up and up from here. Rock.

    PS Have you checked out the Lonely Planet website? They always seem to have the call out for writers too...

  2. Kick ass!

    - Oisin

  3. Wow!!! Clumsy girl has become lucky girl!! I had some good news too! A french internet radio might want Middle Ditch to be broadcasted on one of its shows! How about that! It seems to be a good time for writers!

  4. Very very cool!

    Have fun, travel safe :)