Nov 24, 2007

What's that sound?

... I think it's a string quartet playing "Nearer My God to Thee"... as the Good Ship Liberal goes down, apparently with the captain onboard...

There's obviously some excited Labor supporters around here because there are fireworks going off all around my street. God knows how they got their hands on them. Sparkler bombs, probably.

I've been skipping around Seven, Nine and the ABC to watch their various election coverages. How funny is Kerry O'Brien, getting the shits with all the Seven lackeys yelling and cheering at every opportunity. He gave the other TV stations a serve for putting showbiz ahead of serious analytical coverage. Then he got shouted down again, because apparently the Chaser boys showed up and had the crowd going great guns. Wasn't that upset about that one. Onya, Kerry!

I love Channel Seven's "Tower of Power". Election coverage really is just all about the graphics, isn't it? I'm also loving the looks on the Libs/Nats faces as they admit, "Well, we're in trouble here". A surprising understatement of the year from the parties predisposed to hyperbole.

And good to see Channel Ten just saying, "Ah, f*** it, just run with The Empire Strikes Back". Although, could that be a metaphor? I always though Phillip Ruddock was Emperor Palpatine...

So despite the excitement I think I'm going to have to chuff off to bed as I have another 4am start and it's going to be a busy day... welcome to the Brave New World, Australia. It's going to be one hell of a ride!


  1. "Ding, dong the witch is dead"

    Oops, wrong movie! :P

    I'm quite happy with the result from last night.

  2. I only wish I was in Oz to actually see it all go down. Ah well...

  3. It was a great night to sit at a houswarming party, flick around (including Sky News coverage), sit in fear of a cliffhanger, and then the relief of the numbers falling the way I wanted to see them....

    It was certinly a good day to wake up and wear the "Your Rights @ Work" t-shirt on Sunday morning.... Do you think I could find anyone who voted liberal/nats???

    Nope, they are still numb from the result... and so am I!!!

    All I can say is GO JULIA!!!!!! She was truely a standout int he election coverage! Truely a leader!

  4. Morning, Nat!

    As you are probably aware, the TV ratings for Saturday night make interesting reading.

    ABC - 1.1 million
    Seven - 967 000
    Ten - 829 000 (Empire Strikes Back)
    Nine - 763 000