Feb 13, 2008


It's the very simple, but very important, first step on the long road to redress the wrongs of the past - and I for one am very happy to be sorry today.

Just as we can and should be proud of the achievements of Australians of days gone by, we can and should express regret and sorrow at the bad decisions and resulting negative consequences.

As the Prime Minister said this morning, "It's just the truth."

The truth is often unpalatable - but if we can't stand tall and look it in the eye, with no shallow protestions or meak defences, then we've got no business calling ourselves "Australians". Australians are supposed to talk straight. No bullshit, mate.

So from me - a white, first-generation, middle class, city-dwelling Australian - I'm sorry.

No bullshit, mate.


  1. This is also the day for the start of many monumental Liberal stuffups!

  2. Hear hear, Nat. It's been hard to be proud to be Aussie these last few years, and I'm finally starting to feel proud of my country again.