Mar 6, 2008


Go on, try it.

It's in transition, but certainly after a few days, you should be re-directed right back here.


Yes, I know people have had domain names since Jesus was in short pants, but it's still very exciting for me.

Purchasing the domain through Blogger (aka Google) was extraordinarily easy and cheap, and gives me access to various Google applications, including personal email at girlclumsy dot com. If you know my first name, give it a shot! (I'm trying to avoid filling the inbox with spam for at least one day).

Also, a man known only as "The Spoon" is currently residing at Chez Clumsy, along with his giant keyboard, and, god forbid, a Mac. I mention this only because he asked if I was blogging about him. Ego, much? ;)


  1. About time you got a domain :P

    Who is this mysterious Macphile?

  2. Thanks, Barnesm! Good to see you outside the "j-space"!

    And Gwen - it's young Master Wotherspoon!

  3. Cool, thanks for posting this link !
    (Drej from JS)

  4. The new addy is working! WOO HOO, Nat! ;)