Mar 25, 2008

Poor Pammy

I've been having somewhat of a maudlin day. Various things have conspired to leave my ego a little tender, a little bruised.

But all that pales in comparison to the tragic end to one of the great romances of our time: Pamela Anderson and Rick Saloman.

The couple wed in October last year, separated in December, and now, despite all my hopes for a reconciliation, have officially annulled their union.

You may not know Rick Salomon by face or name, but you'd certainly know him by arse - he was the gentlemen fawned over lovingly by then-girlfriend Paris Hilton in a very tasteful and classy night-vision movie called "One Night in Paris".

Pamela herself is no stranger to au naturel on-screen performances: indeed, her cinematic exploits with first husband Tommy Lee really blazed the trail of homemade celebrity sex tapes.

I'm sorry, but if you can't believe in the romance between these two pioneers of celebrity porn, what can you believe in? Posh & Becks? I think not.

Excuse me, I just have something in my eye... *eep*.


  1. I was wondering what his claim to fame was....

    and that's not much of a claim to fame really... I watched that video clip because I heard so much about it and turned it off half way through because it was so hideous to watch. I never saw the Tommy & Pam one though....

  2. his thin girlfriend, yes. but he was still married to brenda walsh, at the time....

    the fiend

  3. Man, he must have had some cajones to cheat on Shannon frickin' Doherty.

    Cajones, I tell you!

    By the way, fiend, I think you can use your livejournal ID now to comment here. Open ID or something. I'm still trying to figure it out.

  4. Who is next on the Pammy radar?

  5. I like my Blogger ID here more than my WordPress one.

  6. Girl clumsy what are you doing writing about this nonsense?! Surely you could write something about Libby Lenton (I refuse to use her new name) and her decision to adopt her partner's name. I though we were over this. Don't young women value holding on to their identity, why throw away your name especially when you have achieved something remarkable with that name.

  7. Hey Anonymous!
    ff no end.Then there was all the kerfuffle about her husband not getting a spot and her crying... sheesh.

    Perhaps a blog to come...;)

  8. I'd like to see that Libby blog too! Wouldn't make more sense for him to take her name since she is the one breaking world records? Luke Lenton sounds much better than Libby Trickett.