May 14, 2008

Freshening Up

Perhaps it's got something to do with finally recovering from a recent bout of the 'flu, but I felt like freshening up the joint.

The idea of a revamp has been perculating for a while. Every so often I would cruise free blogger template sites - there are a fair few out there. But the templates on offer would always be in the old "classic" format, or require far too much html knowledge for me to figure out. Or they just looked crappy.

But then I stumbled upon The woman behind it designs and uploads gorgeous templates designed specifically for New Blogger. They're funky and original - and best of all, free.

So I chose this lovely green one - and I must say I'm very happy with it. I'm actually quite impressed I was able to follow the directions and change the header image to read "Girl Clumsy", as opposed to "Blog Title Here".

Changing templates did mean I lost various widgets I've been assembling over recent months - I'm particularly perplexed by the loss of the label cloud, but so far I haven't found a way of doing that in a non-blogger template. However, I was able to turn it into a drop-down menu, so all is not lost.

For someone who knows very little about web design and coding, I'm quite chuffed with myself. But I'm keen to hear any feedback - if it's hard to read, navigate, if links don't work, if you're sick of seeing photographs of me, etc etc.

(And yes, I know cosmetic changes are taking precedence over actual content at this stage, but give me a minute, I'll be back on that horse soon!)


  1. looks awesome nat.

    heh. nice post label too. :)

  2. Nat

    I like it...looks nice and slick!!!

    See ya Saturday (if we get to see you!!)

  3. Nice looking template.. It seems to suit you!! BTW, Seems you are on a Ten News ad right now (I saw your face flash up last night..)

    And looking soooo professional too!!!

  4. Gaaaawd!

    She's blogging *again*!

    Whilst I sleep!




  5. Me no rikey!

    I'm only saying that because I never heard Tony Martin say "me rikey!", Nat! :P

    Good job!

  6. Hey gang,

    Thanks for the feedback (except for you Wah. You can shuddup!) I'm still tinkering, and trying to view it from different computers etc to see that it all works. Let me know if anything goes wacky.

    Actually Rastas, I was going to post that Channel 10 ad. A girl from work drew my attention to it, but I only saw it for the first time yesterday.

    You really see me for less than a split second, but there I am, with the mike out, in front of Can Do Campbell Newman at the Toowong Bus Depot. That was taken during the local council election campaign a couple of months ago.

    The promo's up on YouTube under "Ten News Queensland promo". Perhaps I should do a post about it? That'll make the Wah happy! ;)

  7. Ooh, cute and kind of retro but not retro. Well done on working it out, that's what it's all about these days, just having a tinker until you get it how you like it.

  8. See, this is why I get other people to do my technical web stuff. You started talking about widgets and html and I blacked out for ten minutes and when I woke up I was wearing different pants.

    So well done.

  9. Noice one Nat! Long time no speak. Hope you are well?