May 17, 2008


My mother said something very incisive to me yesterday:

"I can't believe someone as intelligent as you still lets these things get you down!"

Damn mothers with their stupid superior motherly wisdom, opening a can of whoop-mothering on my ass.



Deep breath.

This, too, shall pass.


  1. Sending positive mood vibes your way m'dear. Don't let the black dog hang around any longer than necessary!

  2. Whoever's got you down in the dumps needs a good arse-kicking. (although I've got three to one odds that it's me)

  3. Hey Dan - no it's not you. For once. Enjoy the moment, I'm sure you'll stuff it up in no time. ;)

    While it would be nice to deliver a good arse-kicking, it's one of those situations where you just can't - you have to steam over it but ultimately move on, or collapse in a twisted mass of bitterness.

    And thanks for your kind words Sleepy Dumpling - although I wouldn't like to cheapen actual sufferers of depression by claiming to be plagued by the "black dog".

    In my case, it's more like a "purplish ferret".