May 8, 2008


This past week has marked a few notable events: the end of the two-week run of "The Truth" at the Brisbane Arts Theatre on Saturday, which was followed on Sunday by Impro Mafia's "Rule Britannia" show at the same venue. Both were extremely well-attended and equally well-received, which was brilliant. Congratulations must go to everyone involved, particularly The Wah for his marvellous directing of the most successful Pratchett play in the theatre's history. I know a few readers of this blog also came along to one or both of those shows - thank you so very much for your support, it really does means a lot.

I've also been struggling with a cold, which certainly made performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday interesting. I was actually forbidden to speak offstage on Saturday in order to preserve my rapidly dying vocal chords, and had to use a mic to MC the impro show. Still, I soldiered on, all the while working most days at the radio station (obviously sounding a bit like an emotionally-crippled drag queen while reading the news), and finishing a freelance article. Yes, I'm playing the martyr card. You may all worship at my crimson petticoats, goddamnit.

Seasons 4 of both Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica are progressing nicely, but in terms of quality drama, this week's gong goes to the finale of Underbelly. I really enjoyed the series, and after a quick YouTube search, couldn't believe nobody else had thought of my silly idea for a parody. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Underkelly - a tribute to both quality Australian drama and an iconic bushranger:

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