Jul 22, 2008


We're back in Scotland staying with Debbie and Eoghann in Glasgow. Deb very kindly lent us her car today, and we headed out to visit Stirling Castle. It turned out to be rather sunny and pleasant as we walked the cobbled paths, taking in some Cromwellian-era soldiers showing off their pikes and muskets, as well as - very bizarrely - an American troupe of hand-bell ringers performing a concert in the chapel. More video on all that later.

Right now, please enjoy this vision of the pair of us getting up close and personal with history at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre:

Special thanks to my young squire Joy and her spirited brothers and sister.


  1. Must say you look quite fetching in your outfit although, not sure how you will keep the rust off the chain mail (flog the churls I suppose)
    I am sure that Oggy will have something to say about the Plantagenet Lions>
    Blow that, if they can't take a joke they shouldn't have taken on the Poms

  2. I would have been diappointed they didn't give you a real sword, but the way you were swinging the plastic one around maybe they had a point.

  3. Nat

    Nice to give us a preview of Medieval Impro. Liked the outfit and hope there is stuff like it at the show!

    I must make a note though, the little people in this people weren't 5 years old, they are midgets from the trenches of Scotland, revenging their angst on tourists who dare invade their space (their space is actually the museum)!

    You have been warned - uh oh, too late!!

  4. Buddy and Greg, I hope you left the place nice and tidy before you left!

  5. That's comedic gold right there, folks! I was expecting both Nat and The Wah to have no heads after that!

    The first helmet that Nat had planted rather hard on her head looked like a Ned Kelly helmet.