Sep 19, 2008

For Your Consideration...

This Sunday 21 September, I'm participating in the inaugural Brisbane City Romp - a citywide treasure hunt with a dash of "Amazing Race" thrown in. I've managed to conscript some friends along for the ride. While we're hoping to score our fair share of the $100,000 prize pool on offer, we're mostly just doing it for fun.

The Romp is raising money for the Burnet Institute, which is Australia's leading infectious diseases, immunology, cancer and public health institute. If you click here, you can see our team profile ("The Evil League of Evil"), and sponsor us online. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible! We're currently sitting on $392.00, so please help us crack $400, or maybe even $500!

After the romp, I and several team members will be backing up for Impro Mafia's latest show at the Brisbane Arts Theatre -  The Wake of Simon Chesterfield. This is a long-form format, which will basically see us improvise a 45-min play. Don't let the idea of a "wake" put you off - this is set to be a show with some pathos, but also a fair whack of humour, and a first half which containing undoubted silliness. It's only $10, and starts at 7pm.

Something to put on your calendar is How to Get Almost Anyone to Want to Sleep With You, the brilliant one-woman show by my friend Deborah Frances-White. Deborah's a London-based improviser, comedian and screenwriter, and her show is full of hilarious insights into the minds of both men and women. It will help you achieve the goal of being universally desired, but best of all it's just great comedy.

This show's been a sell-out both at this year's Melbourne Comedy Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe. It's on for ONE NIGHT ONLY at the StageDoor Dinner Theatre at Bowen Hills. It's on Friday 10th October at 8pm, with tickets just $22. You can book via the website, or call 3216 1115.

Thanks again everybody for your support of my extra-curricular activities!

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