Sep 11, 2008

Start decking the halls

Snapped this evening at Myer Carindale.

I mean, you can't even call this late September, can you?


  1. Nat

    I didn't know you were at Carindale last night. We were there last night as well. It's a wonder we didn't see you!

    Hopefully see you Sunday at Grudge Match!

  2. Holy hell. The centres don't start putting up their decs until October 25.

  3. Look on the bright? side...
    You will be able to eat
    choco;ate Bilbys in December
    I don't know why they don't just keep the dekkies up all year and simply add the Easter, Mothers day & Fathers day hoopla as required

  4. Heya Nat, just a head's up: I don't know whether it's Google Chrome or my computer or what, but in the comments, anyone who doesn't have a website link from their name shows up in white, the same colour as the background of the page. I had assumed that Dan said the previous two comments until I worked it out.

  5. Stop Press
    CourierMail 12/09/2008
    The day the World didn't end.
    If the LHC protons are acelerated to "within a hairs breadth of the speed of light" are they older or younger than me when the ariive at the smash site?
    The LHC running at "full tilt" will "consume" as much power as the entire city of Geneva
    "Ach du lieber Helga it has gone completely black.. The verdamte LHC has created a Swartze Hole, ve are doomed"
    Du fool Helmut, it is just a power outage, das LHC has consumed all the power from das station...
    What has this to do with Chrstmas ???
    Absolutely zip

  6. Man, they never let me have my birthday without it being infected by Christmas crap. And my birthday is OCTOBER!!

  7. Every year I see Christmas decorations up early, I die a little inside.

    When I worked in a newsagent, they had the same Christmas CD playing over and over from October. Uhhhh.

    The only premature festivity I like is in Easter, because hot cross buns rock my world.

  8. Kath - I'm the same, my birthday's October!

    Matt- I hate christmas CDs. Loathe them. Tinny whinny carols - yuck!

    Peter - Everything looks fine on my computers and the others I've checked. I'm afraid it might be something at your end - but if anybody does have a problem similar, please let me know!

  9. Ah crap, Nat! Xmas already!

    I don't know if it is just me but the Xmas decorations etc seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year. It seems to go Father's Day (which doesn't concern me) then the 3 month festival of a fat guy in a red suit. Hell, I can wear red! :P

  10. Holy Crapola!

    We can't start celebrating the Summer Solstice yet!

    We haven't even celebrated the Spring Equinox!

    oooo, that burns my goat!

    Equinox then Solstice.. silly christians.. can't even steal a pagan festival without ballsing it up

    The Wah
    Sky Clad and smeared in Blood!

  11. Decking the halls? More like DRECKING the halls, eh?

    I just died a little bit inside.

  12. As Bing warbles throatily in the background
    " i'm dreeeaming of whiiiite christmaaaas"
    "Baah, baba baah baba doo"
    Across the land massive numbers feel another million neurons shrivel and die

  13. Alrighty.. today is the true first day of spring (23rd September)

    Seeing as we have passed the Spring Equinox am no longer morally outraged at the sight of Xmas decorations.

    Roll on the the Summer Solstice!