Oct 29, 2008

Daggy 80s movies poll

A couple of posts ago I described several bizarre and ridiculous 80s video clips in all their hairsprayed and neon spandexed glory. I thought I might get some responses from readers praising my witty observations of David Bowie's microphone technique, or my needle-sharp satirical take on Pat Benetar's anthem for women, "Love is a Battlefield".

But no. The overwhelming response from readers was simply:

"You've NEVER seen The Breakfast Club?!?!?!"

Suddenly I became a social pariah, a leper if you will, and my scaberous Achilles heel was revealed - there is, in fact, a whole bunch of so-called "classic" 80s movies that I've NEVER BOTHERED TO WATCH.

Blasphemy and treason, apparently.

So, I'm running a poll for the next few days - you can find it in the right-hand column. I've included six daggy 80s teen cult movies, including The Breakfast Club, that I've never watched. Your mission is to pick which one you think I should see first. I shall then sit down on my day off next week, watch said film, then post my review.

If I don't die from boredom, or a broken abdomen from gut-laughing at the implausible plots and caveman-esque special effects, I shall repeat the experiment with the other films. Maybe add in a few classic 80s sci-fic "classics" - Bladerunner, Aliens - that I've also never gotten around to hiring out.

Happy voting!


  1. Well !!!
    It goes without saying:
    of course

  2. Yeah I've never been able to watch the Breakfast Club the whole way through, I tend to get bored part way through it every time.

    I have also never seen Blues Brothers.

    I have however seen Blade Runner but I thought it was really boring and old looking (and I automatically lose geek cred)...

  3. Blade Runner was one of the most boring movies I ever sat through. God, I really wouldn't bother.

    I didn't much like Pretty in Pink either, though Ferris Bueller and The Breakfast Club were both thoroughly enjoyable.

  4. BC for GC! BC for GC! BC for GC! (uh, that's BC as in Breakfast Club not as in 4BC....)

  5. Bladerunner.. boring?!

    I am choking with disgust!

    Boring? BORING?

    It's Sci-Fi Noir! It's based on one of the greatest sci-fi stories every written. It's one of the progenitors of nearly every sci-fi movie you ever seen. It has action, romance, pathos and subplot dealing with what it means to be 'human'.

    A man is sent to 'retire' rogue replicants (human looking androids with abilities beyond that of humankind) and you find it boring?

    By jingo your life must be exciting. It must ninjas, pirates and high yield nuclear weapons at every turn in your world!

    To each their own, I suppose.

    "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die"

  6. bladerunner is a classic...

    abc cleaning up in the ratings

    wat am i missing?

  7. Now, now, WAH, petal
    Deep breath in.....hold
    Think calm thoughts.
    Although I did get the impression you were describing something from Starwars.......

    I contend we should vote for....

    "We are the"
    (cue pelvic thrust)
    "Three Amigo's...Huh!!!
    (and, thrust (two, three) and, back (two, three)and relax)

    All in favour go HUH !!!

  8. They're not daggy!!!

    Ok, you also have to see:

    *The Blues Brothers
    *Ferris Buellers Day Off
    *Both Bill and Ted's movies
    *Everything by Mel Brooks (especially History of the World Part 1)
    *The Princess Bride

    And there are MANY more.

  9. Hey Nat, I had to leave a comment - you absolutely must watch Heathers and also The Goonies! I grew up with both of those movies and they are fantastic. I will even lend them to you! I think I am going Friday night to Antigone so I can bring them for you then if you want. Hi to The Wah also :)

    PS. I haven't seen the Breakfast Club either :)

  10. Guys, seriously? They're daggy. It's cool, I love daggy. I AM daggy. I like the Spice Girls, remember? So let's accept it. ;)

    Kath, I have in fact seen History of the World (the Wah made sure of that!), Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller and Labyrinth (David Bowie's frightening package is etched into my childhood memory).

    But I haven't seen The Blues Brothers!

    And Allan - Three Amigos - classic. That's one of the earliest movies I can remember - I first saw it aged about 9 or something and I laughed and laughed, even though I didn't get half the jokes.

    "The Mail Plane! You can tell by the balls!"


  11. Don't listen to Peter Haywood. His taste in movies is terrible. His last podcast was all about him defending 'Swept Away'.
    Although I never 'got' the Blade Runner thing either. I wish I had.
    Wierd Science is my vote. That film is fuh-ney stuff.

  12. 80's movies were classic

    now only if ms knightly were in them


    the typa gal most girls could only hope 2 aspire 2...

    dusting her stiletto's wld b a start...

    if she ofcourse would permit such a travesty....

  13. Labyrinth, Goonies, Princess Bride, Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller, Willow, Breakfast Club and I imagine that you've already seen the soft-core gay porn that is Top Gun. Those should give you more 80's cred. Oh, and Highlander, if you haven't already seen it (especially if you like Queen).

    But seriously, you've never even see the Karate Kid? Wax on, wax off....?

    I didn't like Blade Runner either.


  14. Ah Grasshopper !!!

    The brush goes up...
    The brush goes down...

    Ah Pigeon gonads...
    (oops, no that was Steve Vizard)

    How about Men in Tights?
    A group of males camping (it up?) in Sherwood Forest

  15. What kind of drugs is THE WAH on??????

  16. Who knows what chemicals lurk in the system of WAH

    They obviously come from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

  17. The Wah is powered by 100% Liquid Awesome!

  18. Heathers is definitely one of my all-time faves.

    Oh and Mannequin I used to adore - Kim Cattral as a sex doll, basically. I loved it!

  19. Hi Natalie,

    From the list given from your poll, I'd choose BC.

    In my relatively humble collection of films, I have Bladerunner. I cried when I first heard the words "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.....". Couldn't tell you how many times I've seen it. But yeah, each to his own.


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  21. How about:
    56 seconds of aromatic(and noisy) bean smoke

  22. On further consideration...

    Could it be that the WAH's "100% Liquid Awesome"
    Are beans run through a blender foe some time

  23. i think your rite

    something's gone thru somethin..

  24. Does that mean you've not seen any of those movies?

    I don't count it as your lack, but rather a sign of my age!

  25. Yes indeed I am with the Wah on this BladeRunner is the standout classic. One of the few examples of the movie being better than the book. Also has the BEST death scene ever in a movie.

    For those others you list, Heathers was a big fav around my crowd.

  26. From memory, Heathers is the best on the list.

    There's also St Elmo's Fire, of course. Classic.

    Favourite 80's movie for me is Withnail & I. I am still surprised at how many people have never heard of it. Get hold of the script - it's amazing writing. Think I've read it at least half as many times as I've watched the movie.

    (The Wah's indignation was a bit hilarious).

  27. The Blues Brothers. NOW.

    You can come over here to my place and watch it with me. If you can tolerate me quoting it from beginning to end.

    David Bowie's package... mmmm....

    My mother used to call them his "onion pants" because it looked like he has a rather large onion shoved down the front of them.