Oct 20, 2008

Farewell, Mr Blackwell

The biting tongue of Mr Blackwell has been silenced for good. The renowned fashion critic - famous for his Hollywood best and worst dressed lists - has passed away aged 86.

Now I can't draw, so you'll have to forgive my dodgy artwork.

But I present to you: Mr Blackwell goes to Heaven - A Cartoon.

Comedy freakin' gold.


  1. Bravo Natalie

    Now can we have more thoughts in Cartoon, please!

  2. Good Heavens !!!

    She has another string to her bow

    Now that Blackwell has gone maybe Carson will take over the job of Fashion Nazi

  3. I have a problem with Mr Blackwell. He didn't just comment on the clothes, which I think is fine... he had a nasty habit of commenting on women's bodies, and always in a negative way.

    Like he was any authority on a woman's body!

  4. At least Carson will be so much nicer about it Ducky