Oct 15, 2008

Uh oh, Ringo

I'm no expert, but something tells me Ringo Starr is back on the gear.

Now you may think that's a stupid statement given the fact the bloke's spent the best part of the last 20 years voicing a bug-eyed blue train, but really, something's up.

Ringo's released a bizarre video message, outlining his strict new "No Fan Mail" policy. Apparently the drummer is sick and tired of signing records/tickets/posters/breasts for Beatles fans. It seems the volume is so great, he couldn't even get by with a little help from his friends.

...Sorry, couldn't resist.

Ringo begins his video by wishing all of his fans "peace and love, peace and love". He then goes on to tell them in no uncertain terms to f*** off out of his mailbox. It's a shame, because I had a parcel of old Beatles memorabilia just about ready to go out for autograph. Just lucky I hadn't spent the cold hard cash on stamps, I guess. Now I can buy that Chupa Chup I always wanted.

But seriously, who does that? Fair enough, he gets a lot of mail. Can't he employ someone? A forger, to copy his signature? Or get a stamp made up?

I think it's a sign that Ringo might be back on the Yellow Submarine, if you know what I mean.


  1. yeah he certainly sounds cranky

    all he's had is a photograph 2 remind him of the places he used 2 go

    maybe he's just worn out by barbara bach after all these years?


    ooooh lala


  2. Nat

    This is easy...

    This video will explain...


    Easy...he'll be dead by the time he gets to letters marked after Oct 20, 2008

  3. Well when you think on it...
    The royalty millions still role in
    no matter what he says

    So he is able to raise two fingers (which way round were they anyway) mutter "Peace & Love X2 and go back to pottering in the garden of one or other of his mansions.

    "Grumpy Old Men" a BBC programme is recommended for perusal qnd information
    "Bah Humbug" say I

  4. I cannot help but think back to his guest spot on the Simpsons some years back and how hopelessly behind in his fan mail he was in that yellow three-fingered reality. I'm just seeing Simpsonised-Ringo throwing his hands up and crying "enough!"

  5. I'm just surprised Ringo gets any fan mail at all. In my mind, he's always been the consolation Beatle... the one you get when you can't find a real Beatle.

  6. Well I suppose, with the Beatle Death Rate (Two down & two to go)
    You have to make do with what you can get, consolation or not

  7. I think it's great that he's doing this. He obviously has too much pride to get someone else to to it for him and it's probably insanely tiring.

    I mean, how long has it been since the Beatles? And he's still getting fan mail? I'd want to put it behind me too.

    I'm sure that everyone who really wanted to send fan mail by this point has done it too. If they haven't they probably weren't born when the Beatles broke up.

  8. Dan,
    What you say may well be true
    However, I feel that the music of the 60's & 70's continues to attract because of the general dross which is available today

  9. oh, ancient man.. you are so oooold!

    "The music was better in my day"

    "The men were tougher"

    "The women were prettier"

    "The fruit was juicier"



    However, how do you ken of such things when you could been but a mote in your fathers eye in those great times ?

    Tell me how, Wah
    or should that be
    Tell me Wah, how