Nov 27, 2008

Impro Mafia stands up

Now isn't this a sexy sight?

That's right - the new official Impro Mafia standees. Standing over two metres tall, a smidge under a metre wide, simple yet seriously striking, they're going to make a great impact in all of our future shows. They certainly look a treat in the living room at Chez Clumsy.

You'll be able to see them at our Iron Improviser show at the Brisbane Arts Theatre on Sunday 7 December from 7pm - all for the low, low price of $10. Come earlier to hear details of the theatre's 2009 program and get some free food!


  1. i challenge you to get one of those stands on the telly!! sneak one behind bligh or rudd at a presser!!!

  2. Last time I saw something like that A person was doing a very bad ape impression and tossing a femur in the air.
    You could always attach it to your car and drive round the CBD

  3. I ran into those Impro Mafia standees and I think that the graphic design is pretty catchy and cool, they make people to stop and take a look at them