Dec 5, 2008

Mistatses we mike wen vry tyred

I've never had a huge desire to work in breakfast radio fulltime, even though it's considered the most "prestigious" timeslot by many. These 4am starts are a killer, particularly when you're a night owl like me.

Co-ordinating a publicity and fundraising campaign for the Brisbane Arts Theatre, and workshopping some really exciting new concepts for Impro Mafia are also taking up a fair amount of my time. But more on those later.

Point is, I'm tired. I've got bags under my eyes that wouldn't get on a plane as hand luggage. I'm shuffling like one of George A. Romero's finest. I'm deep-throating Pepsi Max like... well, I'll let you invent your own comedy comparison here. I'm even too tired for innuendo.

Today, being Friday, is the culmination of the week, and an exponential rise in the tiredness. I swear I could have fallen asleep reading the news this morning (that's not a reflection of the content). Tiredness leads to mistakes, and I fluffed a few times each bulletin this morning, including the delightful "transpurting" instead of "transporting". Weird.

What adventures have you had while tired? Any memorable achievements or mistakes?


  1. Tiredness is crap, but so is tiredness resulting from the elongated drudgery of being a working stiff.

    Due to the industry I'm working in right now, my workload triples during the summer months... meaning extremely long hours and an almost constant yawning gape. You know you're too tired when you wake up on a Satuday morning and go through the entire getting-ready-for-work routine and get out the door before your realise how pecularly quiet things are.

  2. I stayed awake all New Year's eve then went to work again.

    At hour 33 I saw sharks under the carpet. Logically I knew they weren't there,.. but that didn't stop the fact that I could see them.