Feb 24, 2009

Awesome "Felafel" artwork

I tell you, I know a bunch of incredibly talented people. One such freakishly gifted friend is Anthony Massingham, who I've drafted in to do some graphic art for He Died with a Felafel in His Hand:

How good is that? You can see more of Anthony's brilliant surreal style at his online series called The Not-So Impressive Entertainers.

Anthony is actually the younger brother of David Massingham, who you may recall had to suffer through my groping him every night onstage in Prognosis: Death!, and is a core member of The Sexy Detective sketch comedy group (who've produced one of my favourite-ever sketches).

Such is my admiration for the Brothers Massingham, The Wah recently accused me of having a secret plan to make them my toyboy love slaves. I will give you the same dignified response I gave him:

"Secret plan?!?!?"


  1. Oops. This is pretty fucking good. Where do I obtain the original of this? Or even better, how do I geta bunch of artists to respond to the book in their own way then put on the show?

    I once commissioned a brilliant painting based on a schizoid artists reaction to Felafel. It hands in my office now.

    Man this is a great idea.

    Better go talk to Guru Bob.

  2. Yeah, WOW.
    Its like looking through a window into my past.
    But like the light from a distance galaxy the image coming from so long ago, crossing eaons of time the light has been warped and bent by passage past many massive gravity lenses of a cosmic string and other strange phenomena.

  3. Back off Birmo, I want that on my wall.

    eBay at 10 paces