Feb 1, 2009

Prognosis: Over!

"Prognosis: Death!" finished in absolute cracking good form on Saturday night - 95 people came to the Brisbane Arts Theatre to see our final show! In total, we had 400 people through the doors across the six performances. Amazing!

For an impro group that just a couple of years ago was performing in front of 10 people in a pub, Impro Mafia has come a helluva long way - and I couldn't be prouder. Improvised comedy is one of the joys of my life; I'm so happy to have been involved in this full-length improvised play - the first of its kind in Brisbane!

After an absolutely rocking cast party, I managed to get some shut-eye before my first Felafel rehearsal. Everything bodes well there - I hope to make the show as fun and satisfying for my cast, as "Prognosis: Death!" has been for me.

Once again, thanks to my beloved cast and crew members - Dan, Wade, Dave, Mike, Luke, Amy, Kris, Tiffany, Sarah, Mia... and, of course, the Once and Future Wah. I'm just a little bit more in love with all of them now than ever. :)

Thanks to Al Caeiro for the fabulous photos!


  1. Sweet! I miss the joy of performing live for a large, involved audience. Perhaps if I come your way I can audition for one of your lovely improv pieces?

  2. I'm suffering from the Ecstacy Tuesday blues. Sure it wasn't chemically induced ecstacy but it sure burnt up my seratonin stores. (Plus I've got a case of the 'Mondays')

  3. Dan - tell me about it. I was driving to work this morning listening to MGMT in the car, and I actually got a little teary.

    Tuesday - our website is www.impromafia.com. Do you live in or near Brisbane? 'Cause we run cheap beginner workshops, on completion of which you can play with us at some of our shows!

  4. And so...
    With the Sun having set in the West a couple of times We say Farewell to the Team at Saint Love's Hospital and ask ourselves:

    Wither then Dr Mangold?
    was Mangold's ManGold Mangled

    Wither then Nurse Buble ?
    was Buble's Bubble pricked or
    was it all a dream

    And Wither Dr Lestrange ?
    Did he achieve his goal?
    was he really Kommandant Herr Doktor Professor Ludwig von LeStrange, Or just a T-Rex trainer down on his luck
    Will we hear afar off his dulcet? tones singing:
    "Some enchanted evening"
    You will see LeStranger".....
    And Dr Harold (Hugo /Howard) Dean
    Will he achieve greatness and perfection in Hospital Administration or will he join Queensland Health?

    Wither the priest?
    or Father
    or Padre
    Or Reverend
    Imam !!!!
    Will he regain his rapacity for the wallets and Bank Books of his terminal Parishioners?

    Will our delicious Intern Dr Melanie Carmichael realise her dream to be:
    "The best Damn Surgeon ever"
    Or will she be happier to be the Leggy Avengers sidekick (and what a kick(it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "holding his own"))

    Wither then the Mummy?
    Who met a Mummy but can never be a Daddy thanks to the depredations of the lion upon his sphinx

    And little Billy (Bobby?)
    Who died and lived and died and lived etc. etc.
    Did you ever think that anyone could carry that much (fake) blood in his mouth?
    His projectile coughing was also a joy to behold.

    Wither then the assorted chimps.horses heads Green Riding Hoods and Janitors who adorned the stage at vaious confusing times

    Wither the "Voice Off"
    Funny, Irascible and downright rude, at times.
    I believe that Queensland Rail have a position vacant at Central Station...
    Not paid by the word but better than nothing>

    And finally:
    Wither the 44 drum gallon of blood still remaining ?

    Drinks anyone ?......

    I recommend the Bloody Mary's

    Chin, Chin

  5. Ok, so who is playing The Rhino in Felafel?

    Just checking.

  6. Glad it went well GC, so after Felafel it's Drury lane!!