Feb 13, 2009

The Train

Now I'm not saying that spending several hours in an Industrial Relations Commission hearing as Queensland Rail and the train drivers' unions do battle over planned strike action is dull.

But it certainly allowed me time to explore my feelings via the medium of comic strip:

Terribly poor taste, isn't it?

As it turned out, a last-ditch, eleventh-hour meeting saw the strike called off, so it's back to the negotiating table for the train drivers. QR's already agreed to their $20,000-over-three-years pay rise, and they're now just talking turkey over Sunday rostering. I tell you, as a journalist - I really need to become a train driver.

Yeah, I'm bitter.


  1. Can you find out where we all sign up? I do believe my other half wouldn't be crying tears of blood over working Sundays for that kind of wage.

  2. I've always worked weekends.

    ...and nights.

  3. I'll take that job right now. 'Train engineer' ain't that tough a gig. Seems like a mighty hefty raise.

    And we may have to make you resident comic strip artist!

  4. You should add "cartoonist" to your reportoire...;D

  5. Another dtring to her bow
    is there noend to the talent

  6. As someone who actually is a train driver (albeit in Sydney), the job isn't as easy as it looks. Imagine having start times that potentially could be every minute of the day.

    Imagine having up to 1500 people sitting and standing behind you and relying on you for a safe, smooth and (hopefully) on time trip.

    Imagine arriving at a station and not knowing if someone is going to jump in front of you.

    I could go on........

    Anyone is welcome to apply. Not everyone can do the job.

  7. Wow I never knew they rostered train on a Sunday in Brisbane. I always thought it was decided whether or not to take one out was based solely on whim going on their frequency of appearance on some lines.

    Love the cartoon.

  8. I always found it ironic that the ETU (Electrical Trades Union), managed a trade strike stopping me from going to trade school as an electrician.

  9. Ahh the joys of being a union member

  10. Only briefly Chaz, apprentices didn't have to join.