Mar 27, 2009

Felafel 2009: Meet The Decoy

Preview night went swimmingly; it's past 1am as I type this, but I wanted to give you The Decoy before I try to catch some zeds. That's sleep zeds, not zombie zeds. But we'll see what I dream about, I guess:


The Right Honourable Squire Bedak himself joined us for the preview; he'd just arrived in town direct from Wagga Wagga, so he gets a big thank from me for dragging himself up to the theatre despite tiredness!


  1. Huzzah to the previews going well.

    Just say No to Zed

  2. All the best GC, a world tour and the west end (London) beckons.. Falafel will go Global. Maybe consider Hugh Jackman as The Decoy when you do Broadway.

  3. Hey GC, great blog from John.
    Good to see it's all going so well
    Save a seat for me