Mar 10, 2009

Grippy the Cricket

Meet Grippy.

Grippy is a colossal, brilliantly green cricket that I discovered on the roof of my Corolla as I left work at midday today. He was just perched there, all six legs firmly planted on the silver paintwork. Now I've got a bit of a thing about insect-y type creatures flying in my face and biting my eyeballs. So I carefully opened the driver's side door, jumped in and slammed it shut behind me.

"He'll jump off as the car starts moving," I said to myself. I cranked up the motor, whacked on NewsRadio, departed Cannon Hill, and pointed the Corolla in the direction of Highgate Hill.

I parked near my destination - screenprinting & design business Red Octopus. I clambered out and slammed the door - and came face to face with Grippy. "What the f***?" I exclaimed. "How are you still on the car?" Sure, it's 60km/h most of the way, but still.

"Maybe he'll jump off into the nearby shrubbery now," I said, grabbing my Felafel posters and hurrying away. I was wrong. Fifteen minutes later I returned, and there was Grippy, still chillaxing on the roof.

"Right," I said, getting into the car and taking off towards Destination Two, Avid Reader. I parked, stepped out - and there was Grippy.

"For f***'s sake, you stupid bug," I said. And yet, I didn't have the heart (or the courage really) to flick him off. So I took off to the bookstore, returned ten minutes later - and there was Grippy. Just being green. And cool. His fine long antennae twitching slowly in the wind.

"Fine," I told him. "Suit yourself." I got into the car again, and finally headed home. A repairman was blocking the entrance to the garage, and in the commotion I forgot about Grippy. I got out of the car and wandered upstairs. The Wah announced he was going to the shops. I had a flash of memory. "Look and see if the cricket is still on the roof! He's been there for over an hour at least!"

Moments later, I got a phone call from the garage. "He's obviously not finished whatever business he's on," said The Wah. "He's still on top of the car. And he's massive!"

I grabbed the camera. I wasn't letting Grippy go again without a photo. This one's got the flash on - check out his eyes!

"What can I say? I'm clingy."

As the Wah removed the twenty cent piece he'd laid down to get a sense of scale, Grippy finally flittered off the top of the car, and latched on to the garage gate.

It's over three hours since I took the photos - and he's still there.

I salute you, Grippy. You truly are the Superman of Gryllidae.


  1. Well.... It is Cricket Season...

    I know. I know. But it is the best I can do today so give me a break.

  2. Wow, he sure knows how to occupy the crease.

    I plead the BBA excuse, that's the best I can do today.

  3. Can you please make him a little tophat, bowtie and cane ?
    I think that's why he's hanging around.

  4. Cricket-"Help me! I'm stuck on Girl Clumsy's car!"

  5. Those are great photos,

    looks like you have a stalker.

  6. I present to you : Sir Grippy IV, Esquire

  7. Jimminy Cricket! aA's been hard at work. Well done aA.

  8. Are you sure he hasn't been inside playing where your Gecko's play ???

  9. But did he sing "Hello my honey, hello my baby, hello my ragtime girrrrrrllllll" ?


  10. Too funny. You got interesting stories to tell :)

  11. ewww.... sorry, I just hate insects!! eurghhh. *shivers*