Apr 25, 2009

Sandilands Snr

We all know that shock jock and Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands couldn't possibly be as hardcore as he'd like to think he is.

But I tell you what - he comes from hardcore fracking stock.

I was on Anzac Day duty this morning, which meant covering the dawn service, filing some stories, then heading back into the city for the parade. And it just so happened that the very first digger I approached for an interview during the march turned out to be Kyle Sandilands' grandfather.

"Gordon Sandilands," he said, when I asked for his name. "Do you know Kyle Sandilands?" he asked, as I checked the spelling. "Well, he's my grandson." I asked if that was where Kyle got his attitude from. "Probably, probably," he laughed. "He makes my hair stand on end sometimes, but still."

And it turns out Gordon Sandilands is, in fact, quite hardcore. An artillery officer, he served in Syria during WWII - until he lost his left arm. He was then shipped back to Australia, where he trained soldiers bound for New Guinea - one arm and all.

I'm always wary of pressing veterans too much on Anzac Day. Most, like Gordon, are happy enough to have a chat, but it's often an emotional time for them, and I get a bit uncomfortable with the thought of asking "So, tell me what it was like facing down three dozen of Hirohito's finest knee-deep in mud on the Kokoda Track?"

Still, I wish I'd been brave enough to ask Gordon Sandilands exactly how he lost his arm, and moreover, whether his famous descendant realises how lucky he is to live in a country where he can shoot his mouth off about jelly bellies, tuckshop-lady arms, Dave Hughes and Frenzal Rhomb free from the fear of a jackboot landing square on his over-opinionated face.

To blokes like Gordon, thank you. Your efforts helped ensure we can all slag off blokes like Kyle without fear of reprisal.

If you'd like to hear one of my voice reports on the dawn service, click here.


  1. It's a little mind bending, but some of the veterens statically must be arseholes as well, but I would still give them geniune thanks.

  2. Probably found the only able-bodied adult in Australia who doesn't think Kyle Sandilands is a complete tool.

    Then again, are you technically able-bodied if down a limb?

  3. Hear hear.

    Love your work.

  4. Able-bodied? Depends on how good he is at getting through his life. Pretty bloody able-bodied is my bet!

  5. Hey Nat. I've been replying to you on Twitter but for some reason they're not getting to you. I hope you haven't blocked me already, lol which I doubt....I hope....