May 31, 2009

These boots?

Why, they're made for whorin':

Extremely stylish whorin', mind.

It's been years since I've been brave enough to wear boots outside the theatrical sphere. But this year's my year, damnit.

Boots are one of those fabulously evocative items of clothing, aren't they? I remember the first pair of boots I wore belonged to my mother back in the 1970s. They were deep dark navy, almost black. Dad sheared off the sky-high heels so I could totter around in them with a minimum of falls. They didn't fit properly until I was about 14, but that didn't stop me wearing them in virtually every game of dress-up that went on back at "Tara" - my childhood home in Albany Creek. My favourite was teaming them with a skirt, red cape and a sword shoved down the back of my shirt, and getting about the place as She-Ra, Princess of Power.

"For the honour of Grey Skull!"

Everyone's got a story about a beloved pair of boots - even here in sunny Queensland. What's yours?


  1. There's nothing like a pair of steel capped boots when you're on a work site. Or as my step-brother likes to call them, feet hammers.

  2. I am in love with those boots, GC! Gorgeous...absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Ahh boots, is there nothing they can not do... well quite a lot I assume but still, boots. I own 5 pair myself, hell even all my cons are hi top :)

  4. You go girl!
    I used to have a pair of boots when I lived in northern California.
    Looked nothin' like yours--which are beaucoup sexy...

  5. FIERCE. Those are awesome.

  6. Beware driving in steel caps - "lead foot" becomes a bit more literal. I have steel caps and love to wear them when I can.

    I lament the loss of my favorite boots. A friend and I bought boots together, hers were ankle boots and mine were slightly longer than yours. Both pairs had delightfully chunky heels that were wonderfully stable to walk on. We of course had to wear them out on the Friday night we bought them and medicated our sore feet with alcohol.

    We ended up at "The Beat" dancing. On the dancefloor we were asked if we were lesbian and decided we were to rebuff the guy's advances he then danced over to us after thinking for a minute or so and asked us if we "needed any help"... blurch!

    Later that night, my friend went to get us drinks and I was approached but a trannie to buy raffle tickets to support some cause, with the prize being drinks vouchers. Being suitably drunk and thinking this was a great prize, I asked how much the tickets were and decided on my purchase based on the $2 coin I had. Whilst the tickets were being counted and torn out of the book for me, my friend returned with our drinks and loudy asked "Hol-eee! how many tickets did you buy?" I related the 50cents each, 3 for $1, 8 for $2 spiel which was follwed by the trannie piping up with "Is that O.K. with YOU, wifey??"

    And that's how my dear friend and I were married by a trannie on the night we bought our boots. We still call each other "wifey" and indeed, my husband was intoduced to his "wife-in-law" when we were on our honeymoon in Canada.

  7. Those boots in powder blue. A powder blue mini, white blouse, powder blue coat. Matching Pill hat. OMG sexy.