Jul 13, 2009


Sometimes I get a bit randomly teary.

Like this afternoon, for instance. Why should the song Paparazzi by Lady Gaga make me teary? Why would that happen? Particularly while driving?

I think perhaps it's because I lead a very charmed existence, and sometimes I remember to not take that for granted. When that happens, I generally get a bit teary.

Take for instance, Prognosis: Death! RELAPSE at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. Our last three shows were amazing, with great performances and some absolutely truly memorable moments. My personal favourite was St Love and the Odyssey - because I got to play the bad guy. The spirit of an Ancient Greek siren inhabited the body of Nurse Lottie Buble, sending her into a man-eating frenzy. I even managed to crank out a good "Siren Song" too - with rhymes and everything.

Best thing about those show is that the wonderful cast and crew of Impro Mafia and the BAT all happen to be my best mates as well. Sometimes I have nightmares that one day I'll be banned from doing theatre and impro and forced to live in a small box with a pair of football-liking rats. And I think of Ratty 1 and Ratty 2 cheering on the Rabbitohs while I try in vain to interest them in a discussion about theatre or history, and I get a bit teary.

And then there's you guys - the people who pop in and out of girlclumsy.com. Thank you for taking time out of your days to read what I'm writing; thank you to those who take even more time to comment. I was always a terrible diary-keeper - but blogging is one of my favourite things to do now, because I know there's a chance someone might read, and enjoy, and interact. Sometimes I think how lucky I am to have such a nice little corner of cyberspace to share, and I get a bit teary then too.

This post actually marks the 500th entry on girlclumsy.com - which I began almost five years ago as a travel blog. It's fitting then, that I write now just hours before heading off with The Wah on yet another adventure - this time to Vietnam and Cambodia.

I'm not taking my laptop with me to Indochina - but I will be checking in at internet cafes along the way. Hopefully I'll get a few chances to upload some photographs and stories. And I certainly hope to be a reasonably entertaining read, as I kick the off the next 500 posts.

Now. I should pack...


  1. Have fun! While watching Top Gear I saw that they were able to get a tailor-made suit for 70 pounds, so they went with the loudest, most obnoxious thing ever. I want to do the same! Plus, full body massages. Very cheap. Very fun (though not THAT fun, that costs more).

  2. Pleasure's ours, Natalie.

    Enjoy the trip! Knew more than a few folks who got to go to SE Asia in the 1960's. Hope your journey goes a bit easier than theirs.

  3. And I thought it was going to be about the card game. Happy 500 posts.

  4. Hip hip, hooray! Happy 500. Here's to many more yarns of your charmed existence.

    (and enjoy indochine).

  5. Aha! Lots of photos, please. Enjoy the trip!

  6. Yes indeed a welcome 500 posts to te blogosphere, have a great trip.

  7. I think "charming" suits you better than 'charmed life', have a wonderful trip, signed young and lovely mater..