Sep 21, 2009

Gettin' my Geek On

I think pre-muscled spandex is the apex of geeky fandom.

I say this after discovering pre-muscled spandex suits at GenCon Oz this weekend. Basically they're superhero suits you wear UNDER your superhero suit, which ensures your figure has all the right bumps and six-packs in all the right places.

Now think about this. You're delusional enough to decide wearing a spandex superhero costume is A Good Idea. And yet, and yet, you possess enough self-awareness to know that wearing it over your own body may not be The Best Look. So you decide on the pre-muscled spandex suit beneath the Green Lantern outfit, and BAM! You've hit the perfect storm of geekdom.

Written description not working for you? Try this Venn diagram:

I took my camera along to try to capture a few of the costumes on show at GenCon Oz. Honestly, people go to such efforts. These are just some of them.

A dude in an intricate, hand-made Alien costume
being totally upstaged by two dudes in furry outfits.

Batman told me to wait while he put down his Coke and sausage roll.
Then bang! Assumes the position. "Holy plastic abs, Batman!"

Where there is Batman, the Joker cannot be far behind.
Accompanied by Harley Quinn.

"sssssshhhhhaaa.... All right everybody.... shhhhaaaa.... smile.
Ok, wait.... shhhhaaa.... stand still and look f***ing badass. sshhhhaaaa."

I don't even know what the f*** is going on here.


  1. What the f*** is going on there, was something very f***ing disturbing. Turn and run. NOW.

  2. Huh. I wonder which one is Luke? My bet is the scary skinny guy next to Jabba the Hut. I'm stunned the post office let him take a day off to attend.

    (This is hilarious, GC...loving your posts!)

  3. Thanks guys.

    I must admit every time I look at that photo of all the Star Wars characters, whole slabs of dialogue pop into my head.

    "I said badass, Baby Jango... shhhhaaaa... would you push your shoulders back, you're in the Imperial Army for f***'s sake...shhhaaa. And as for you, mini Obi-Wan, eyes f***ing forward, ok? shhhaaaaa..."

  4. What's wrong? It's just Velour the Hutt and Princess Never-Leid.

  5. If you hadn't mwntioned the Coke and Sausage Roll Batman's cheeks and (double) chin would have been a give away..
    Hmmmm I can see a market for a flesh coloured Cheek & Chin Reducer (one size fits all)
    The Ancient Man

  6. It's funny that when people go to their utmost to looks like a stylised comic book character they inevitably end up highlighting the differences between reality and comic books.

  7. The last one? My eyes, my eyeeeessssss

  8. Thanks for that last one GC, totally Ruined a long-held fantasy of mine... ;)