Oct 27, 2009

Latex in the Bedroom

I have been a very busy person lately. Hopefully I'll be able to share some of the things I've been spending all my time on with you soon - if only to prove to myself that there are end results to show for all the effort!

I don't know when I'll next get a bit of a break. But you know what? That's cool.

Because I have a new bed!

No, not that bed. That's the old bed - well, the mattress and bolted-metal slats of the old bed - resting up against the wall of my bedroom. The bed was actually The Wah's, and while it's been in Chez Clumsy for close to three years, its story is much older.

This bed!

It's a king-size! Do you hear that? A king-size! That's so much room, it's barely sensible.

The top layer is all latex; so I'm hoping to hook into some lovely, comfy, body-contouring sleeps. Starting tonight!


  1. I am feeling extremely misled by the content of this post.

  2. So did those removalist suckers have a coronary when they tried to lift the old bed?

  3. I hear that latex shit is pretty good, actually. Natalie has a latex-core pillow that she swears by. Musta cost you a bomb, though!