Oct 22, 2009

On the Zeds

A good buddy of mine, Dan Barrett, runs a great website called Televised Revolution, about all things TV. He also has a show on Brisbane's 4ZzZ community radio of the same name, in which he and a number of other TV-obsessed types discuss everything that's on the box.

Dan was called in to cover a breakfast shift on the Zeds yesterday, and asked me to join him. Now as you know, I'm never one to pass up an opportunity to yak away on the rager.

We played a lot of music (sadly, no Africa by Toto - couldn't believe the 4ZzZ library didn't stock that), and talked a lot of bollocks - including my sizzling nightclub story, Zombie Jesus, Curb Your Enthusiasm, serial killers, Fritz the Cat, and a bizarre Jeffries Tube/penis pump mix-up.

You can listen to the podcast version here. Enjoy!


  1. haha best Triple Z has ever sounded. Why the hell wasn't I your newsreader?

  2. Hmm. You know, these days when anybody talks about The Zeds, I doublecheck the location of my katana, tally up the ammunition for the rifle, and do a quick inventory of nonperishable foods in the pantry.

    I remember ZZZ. When they were good, they were fantastic -- but when they were bad, they were intolerable. Eh. Good to know they're still hanging in there.

  3. Give that girl a permanent gig. (Maybe get Tony Martin on contract to write the odd joke, just so he gets his fair credit.) AWSMness.

  4. Greatshow, the sooner they give you guys a regular 'late night FRANK admissions' show the better

  5. Kinda miss my days there, to tell the truth. What's really funny is watching (and listening to) a bunch of my young friends who are now announcing, having the fun...