Nov 15, 2009

BAT 2010 Season

I mentioned a while back I've been busy, busy, busy working on a few projects.

The biggest has been the brochure for the Brisbane Arts Theatre's 2010 Season.

Here it is in video form:

As you can see, He Died With a Felafel in His Hand is back for a limited revival in January - and then, in April/May, the BAT has the great pleasure to stage the world premiere of John Birmingham's The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco. The righteous Simon Bedak is writing the play specifically for the BAT. I'm so excited that he liked our version of Felafel enough to get uber-keen and pen the "sequel". I hope to have both John and Simon at the theatre for both Felafel and Tassie Babes - but they're busy men with battles at the hell-gates of Thermopylae to win ("Sparta!"), so we'll see how we go.

The Wah is also directing Joseph Heller's masterpiece Catch-22 in March, so I'm sure there be plenty of literary types out there who'll be keen to check that out. The Wah is a fantastic director, with a keen eye for the absurd and profound, so I can guarantee a great show.

In terms of producing the brochure, I must thank first and foremost Sean Dowling and Al Caeiro - possibly one of the most talented husband/wife combos this side of Marie & Pierre Curie. A bit less scientific and a bit more creative perhaps, but still, worthy of an element being named after them. Dowcaerium, perhaps. Al took the beautiful photography, and Sean (who brainstormed the chairs theme) did the stunning design work.

The brochure itself (which obviously includes more information than in the video - such as calendars, a map, ticket prices & booking details) is incredibly professional, slick, and just a little bit sexy. It also smells amazing. Seriously, I can't stop sniffing it. Mmm, paper and chemicals.

Thanks also must go to John Boyce, the BAT's Artistic Director for 2010, who chose such a good range of plays. I have a lot of enthusiasm for this season - everyone at the theatre's worked hard this year to keep it open and running, and I think this selection gives us the best possible chance of building on that next year.

Finally I want to thank The Wah - I've been quite tired and often grumpy and hard to be around of late - and he has had infinite patience as I bang away at my keyboard sending email after email!

Now that the brochure's out, it's back into the swing of Felafel rehearsals, as well as gearing up for ImproMafia's 2010 Season. I can't tell you what a great joy it is to combine my two loves - the Brisbane Arts Theatre and ImproMafia - so get ready for a dynamic year of performance and comedy!


  1. GC - Being an expat QLDer, I alway come up for a little bit over winter to catch up. Well, the April opening night sounds good to me. Can you advise us here the moment this can be booked, so I can organise leave, plane tickets etc. Thanks!

    I looked on the website and it didn't seem bookable yet.

  2. Hey Ysambart - how wonderful! Sounds fantastic. I should point out that opening nights are $35 - but it does include champagne and supper.

    I hope to have all of the shows open for booking within the next month or show - I'm also working on a website redesign but that's taking a bit of extra time.

    I will let you know as soon as Tassie Babes comes online - but feel free to email to reserve a seat that way too.

    In the meantime, I can confirm Felafel is now open for online bookings:

    I'm really hoping to sell out all eight shows of Felafel. I think it'll be great start to the year!

  3. Fricken Must. Get. To. See. Tasbabes.

    And, erm, should probly see the stage version of Felafel at some point too.

  4. Dear Dr Y.

    If you don't see Felafel you will have missed on e lifes turning points

    The Ancient Man

  5. Fantastic!

    I saw Bedak's comment about the Tassie Babes script over at The Burger and hoped it meant you were putting it on next season. Felafel last year was my first foray to BAT and had me cacking myself. Congratulations on that, by the way.

    I'll be at Tassie Babes for sure, and keep my eye on what else is on.