Nov 27, 2009

Friday, and I'm Rudd

Australia's Liberal Party is currently experiencing more violent, tumultous heavings than a bulimic in an earthquake. As a reasonably poor journalist, I'm going to chip in my two cents the only way I know how - through parody song lyrics. Enjoy.

(From the perspective of Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister.
To the tune of
Friday, I'm in Love by The Cure)

I don't care if Malcolm's blue
Minchin's mad and Andrews too
My ETS is almost through
It's Friday, and I'm Rudd

Monday I brought in my bill
Tuesday, Wednesday Liberals spill
Thursday: Malcolm's bitter pill
It's Friday, and I'm Rudd

Saturday wait
Sunday's Insiders is too late
But Friday I am feeling great

I don't care if Abbott's back
The Mad Monk always was a hack
But Hockey could take up the slack
It's Friday, and I'm Rudd


Journos vie to call you dead
Grattan, Crabb get in your head
No win - that's what Uhlmann said
It's Friday, and I'm Rudd

Liberals await
More meetings to seal their fate
But horse has bolted from the gate

I watch your demise
It's a joyful surprise
To see your party so compromised
Throwing out your boss
Not giving a toss
That your conservative side will prompt election loss
You're all so afraid
Of my carbon trade
But I'll be in Copenhagen while you're here getting spayed
When you're doing this stuff
I can't get enough
'Cause it's Friday, and I'm Rudd


  1. Would "Friday I'm In Rudd" be an ironic tip of the hat to Steve F***en Fielding's position on gay marriage?

    AWSMness, by the bye.

  2. Thanks guys! :)

    Doc - I don't know what Steve Fielding's on, but I know I don't want to touch it. I think he got the bad 'shrooms or something.

    At least Nick Xenophon is using his independent Senator status to singlehandedly take down the Scientologists. See, that's a platform people can get behind. ;)

  3. Brilliant, Nat. It has a shelf life less than some experimental elements, but brilliant nonetheless.

  4. Hmm, that's odd. I could have sworn I commented on this last night.

  5. That's gold.

    Made me smile for a while.

  6. Good work. Parodies ain't always easy, but the verse fits nicely!

  7. the anti slip slop slurper1:16 PM, December 03, 2009

    nat once pee'd into the sea
    and now she works for 4bc
    she didnt care what it did to the fish
    coz she sure cant act like lillian gish
    shes such a huge fan of loser al gore
    but she doesnt care coz there both such a bore
    the tide is changing away from the alarmists
    thank god i say just put chairman rudd in a harness
    but rudd will always be in nats good favor
    she'd just say gimme 4 more years hard labor

    the opposite of skeptical is gullible..

    now which is more terrifying???

  8. the anti slip slop slurper1:28 PM, December 03, 2009

    she runs a good site i'll give her that
    but her blatant bias i'd bash with a bat

    i say all the above in reasonably good humor

    not narkyness!