Nov 7, 2009


The Wah and I took a drive through the wild windy roads of Brisbane's north-west this afternoon, ending up at Mt Glorious. It's a lovely spot I remember fondly from childhood, as it was a popular picnic and walking spot not too far from my then-home at Albany Creek.

I also remember it less fondly when, way back in my first year of university, I stupidly took a wrong turn around Settlement Road at The Gap and wound up taking a 60 kilometre route home. Oh, there were tears on that occasion, I can tell you.

Fortunately, on this occasion there were no tears - only the usual pressure headache I get when driving around lots of bendy roads at increasing altitudes (my family are water people, not mountain people. Mind you I'm not all that good with the water, but that's by the by). It's a beautiful spot, Mt Glorious, and where we stopped, Maiala, was just the same as I remembered it as a girl - a sloping, grassy hillside dominated by a massive pine tree of some description, which falls away to rainforest and a number of good walking tracks.

I took my big Nikon D80 with me in a pathetic attempt to prove that I'm still trying to develop a knowledge of DSLR photography. The dozens of blurry shots I found myself deleting this evening would indicate even the attempt at the attempt needs more work. Still, there's a few I'm happy with:

I'm desperately trying to get better at this blurry background business.

Mushies! Gloriously golden rainforest mushies! If you eat one,
it'll make you see hydrogen! I mean, really SEE it!

Who is this "Kat"? And what's she all about, carving her name into trees?
THE TREES FEEL PAIN, KAT. (The mushies! The mushies!)


  1. Nothing like a casual commune with nature occasionally. So long as some of it doesn't try to eat you the experience is usually positive.

    ...unless you're pom then the experience is a 12 day one. 'Spose, 100 grand takes the edge off that too.

  2. "stupidly took a wrong turn around Settlement Road" ohh so many Teen slasher films have begun this way.

    Mount Glorious - that sort of name could give a place a complex, what a title to live up to.

  3. My wife and I were out at Wivenhoe dam. We looked in the refidex and found a "short cut" back across Mt Nebo.

    Three hours later we made it back home.

  4. Always take the short cuts...

    They are a lot more enjoyable than the direct routes

    The Ancient Man