Dec 19, 2009

The Most Terrifying Words

Channel 10 spent most of this week advertising its Friday night movie feature - The First Wives Club.

It seems to be a regular in the Channel 10 line-up - I wouldn't have thought the station's sub-35 demographic really went for menopausal faux-feminist feel-good flicks, but hey, maybe that's why I'm not a TV programmer.

What got my screeching banshee back hairs right up was the phrase they used at the start of the promo:

Voiceover: For a woman, they're the four MOST TERRIFYING words...

Cut to line from movie of douchebag husband telling a simpering Diane Keaton: I want a divorce.

REALLY, Channel 10? They're they four MOST TERRIFYING words that a woman could actually ever hear? REALLY?

Not "I'm sorry, it's cancer."?

Not "You're going to jail."?

Not "I'll kill you, bitch."?

Not "Your child is dead."?

I think Channel 10 is overlooking the ACTUAL four most terrifying words that a woman can hear, which is in response to asking "What's on Channel 10 tonight?"

"The First Wives Club."


(Sorry, I gotsa lotsa rage right now.)


  1. Right on! They should take a leaf out of 7's book and put a Die Hard movie on when they get stuck!



  2. C'mon Abe,
    Isn't that sposed to be Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

    Watching it Thurs night, I love the fact that touch-screens were a new and awesome toy back then. As a young and impressionable 15yo, Die Hard was the first of those mega-action flicks I saw. It left me shaking with fear/rage/something and made a big impression.

    As for First Wives Club, never seen it, no desire to but you definitely have a point GC - there's no way it's always just the bloke who wants out.

  3. Scariest words a man can hear...?

    "Honey, I hired a movie!"

    Of course, excluding news about testicular cancer, and finding out ur'v got herpies from your mates bucks party who's marrying your wife's sister, or "I want a divorce and I'm taking our house".

  4. When it comes to movies, one of the most horrifying sentences I can hear is:

    "It stars Diane Keaton".

  5. The five most terrifying words a man can hear "Does my bum look big?"


  6. That's cause chicks need their men and are lost without them. Washing our boxers and bringing us snacks and beers makes them feel complete. It is a genetic imperative. I for one will not fight the gods will in this.

    ::ducking behind the bunker::

    Please don't tell the HLDW that I commented here.


  7. Four most terrifying words a man can hear are 'You didn't clear History'

    Or so I'm told.

  8. I thought when channel 10 was lost for programming time it put on 'Love Actualy'.