Mar 2, 2010

Killer Kites

Forget the rough and tumble of football and what not. Pakistan has its own extreme sport, and it took me by surprise when I learnt what it was.


That's right, kite-flying. I heard a great report on NewsRadio the other night about Pakistan officials cracking down on kite sellers and flyers ahead of the annual Basant spring festival. The actual kite-flying component of the festival has been banned because kite-flyers use glass or wire coatings on strings to try to cut down other kites, which had the unfortunate result of leaving too many bystanders dead because THEY'D HAD THEIR THROATS CUT. 

Insanity, thy name is kite-flying.

Anyway, after I heard the story, I thought there's really only one way I can discuss this issue with the sensitivity it deserves. Apologies in advance...


  1. Julie Andrews is spinning in her grave.

  2. Er, Dan? Julie Andrews is still alive...

  3. Jugular/competitors... A bit of a stretch, but damn it, it worked...

    Slices your artery!! Still laffing!!!

    I am gonna send this link to my kite-flying buddies....

  4. OMFG that was the orsum. Nicely done.

    I take it that was The Wah at the end there. Nice combination to the chest.


  5. When I saw there was a video I sighed, and thought there was no way you could crowbar "Africa" into the story somehow :)
    Luckily, but somewhat disappointingly, I was right.

    Also is the Wah picking his nose in the background about 1 minute in?

  6. I was pointing my finger and judging you, aaron! JUDGING YOU!

  7. LOL - you're a nutter! But a funny (and gutsy) one. Nice work!

  8. I thought, for a long moment that the Wah was accompanying on the accordion..

    Alas I was disappointed

    The Ancient Man

  9. Yes

    More inappropriate videos of this kind are needed...we need to hear more songs, stories and thingos about the wacky side of the news :)

  10. I deserve to be judged *weeps openly*