Mar 10, 2010


Sometimes covering Queensland parliament is just too much fun.

This little guy was one of four brought to the Speaker's Green this afternoon. Corrective Services Minister Neil Roberts was announcing the expansion of the "Pups in Prisons" program to the Borallon jail. Four Labs - including Bruiser here - will be given to specially chosen inmates for 18 months of training and socialisation. They'll then leave to undergo more intensive training to become Assistance Dogs.

They've already had eight dogs go through the program at the Darling Downs Correctional Centre; so it's a good news story all round. I was the only journo who turned up, so I had a chat to the Minister, then I got to play with the puppies - this one seemed to find something tasty about my face, before turning his attention to chomping on my earring.

I was trying to sneak him away with me so finally I could live out my childhood dream of being a crime-fightin' reporter with a canine best friend, but sadly I had to give him back.

Feel free to make all the dog/journalist/politician jokes you like, though.

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  1. " given to inmates for training..." All I can picture is labradors being trained by crims to be kind of Inspecter Rex nemesis-type anti-police dogs. Like using their hearing for safe-cracking work, sniffing out rivals' drug stashes for the taking, lookout duty on-the-job etc, not to mention attack on sight when the cops arrive.

  2. I wish I had an intelligent comment to add, but sadly all I can say is OMG PUPPY LOOK AT THE PUPPY DOG HELLO PUPPY! WHO'S A GOOD BOY? ARE YOU? ARE YOU A GOOD BOY? YES YOU ARE! YOU'RE A GOOD BOY!

    Ahem. Anyway, yes. I like dogs.

  3. PUPPY!

    Ahem.. i mean "Oh Look.. a dog.. how gauche"


  4. This works for puppies too

  5. Eyeew. Slobberous dog-breath! (Can you tell I like cats?)